Bareboat Catamaran Rentals In Key West 

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Why Do Sailors Enjoy Chartering

A Bareboat Yacht?


The costs of owning a yacht are considerable and many sailors do not spend a lot of time on their boat. So for them it is much cheaper to rent a charter yacht in Key West just for the duration of the holidays. The second advantage is that in this way they can choose the location freely and don't have to worry about how to bring their own boat.

Whether you’re a seasoned seaman or catamaran fan delighting in space and stability, all sailors can agree on one thing.  There’s no such thing as a bad day on the water. Every experience is different from the last, and your opportunities for new adventures are practically infinite to see all Key West has to offer!

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Spend A Week In Key West

Aboard Your Own Private Catamaran!


WBC bareboat catamaran charters are yacht charter holidays without a hired skipper. The charterer or one member of his crew becomes the captain who is steering the boat. Depending on his nationality, the skipper needs a valid licence or documented proof of sufficient sailing experience. In some countries a second member of the charter has to have sailing experiences, too.


Since there is no service crew on a bareboat hire, you will also take care of the provisioning, cooking, and planning of the itinerary. This gives you full freedom and flexibility of planning your boating vacation in Key West Florida.  For covering liability cases, there are skipper insurances available, which will reduce the financial risk for a bareboat yacht charter for your Key West holiday.



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What Is A Bareboat Charter Agreement?


The bareboat charter agreement is a rental contract between the charterer and the owner of the boat. The object of the rental is to allow the charter guest to use the boat for a specific period for leisure purpose. The contract has to be undersigned before the charterer goes onboard. Local authorities often require that the charter contract is onboard during the tour and can be shown on request.


Through clauses in the agreement, the owners' obligations of how and when to deliver the vessel are clearly defined. Also it describes the procedures, which need to be followed like check-in, check-out or what happens if there will be a failure of the boat's aggregates etc. The charter contract also includes paragraphs pointing out the liabilities of the renting party.

Family and friends swimming near a beaut
A catamaran after collision with severe

The Charterer Is Usually Liable For Damages

To The Yacht Or Loss Of Its Equipment.

An important aspect of the bareboat charter agreement is that the charterer who signs the contract is legally responsible even if he is not the skipper. This risk of the charterer can be covered by making a skipper liability insurance and a charter deposit insurance.

A possible option for sailors who don't have too much experiences sailing the waters of Key West Florida would be a combination of skippered and bareboat catamaran charter.
They could hire a skipper to sail the yacht for the first few days and gradually take over until they feel confident to navigate the boat alone.

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